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159. High‐Performance Pressure Sensors Based on Shaped Gel Droplet Arrays

Zhenwu Wang, Qianyu Cai, Lutong Lu, Pavel A Levkin

Small, 2305214

158. Diapers to Thickeners and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives: Recycling of Superabsorbers via UV Degradation

Shuai Li, Johannes M. Scheiger, Zhenwu Wang, Birgit Huber, Maxi Hoffmann, Manfred Wilhelm, and Pavel A. Levkin

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2023, 15, 37, 44186–44193

157. 3D-Printed Inherently Porous Structures with Tetrahedral Lattice Architecture: Experimental and Computational Study of Their Mechanical Behavior

Maria A Kuzina, Chantal M Kurpiers, Ya‐Yun Tsai, Ruth Schwaiger, Shu‐Wei Chang, Pavel Levkin

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2300041

156. High-Throughput Synthesis and Machine Learning Assisted Design of Photodegradable Hydrogels

Maximilian Seifermann, Patrick Reiser, Pascal Friederich, Pavel A Levkin

Small Methods, 2300553

155. Electrical Conductivity and Photodetection in 3D-Printed Nanoporous Structures via Solution-Processed Functional Materials

Kai Xia, Zheqin Dong, Qing Sun, Rafaela Debastiani, Sida Liu, Qihao Jin, Yang Li, Ulrich W Paetzold, Peter Gumbsch, Uli Lemmer, Yolita M Eggeler, Pavel A Levkin, Gerardo Hernandez‐Sosa

Advanced Materials Technologies, 2300408

154. Fabrication of Omniphobic-Omniphilic Micropatterns using GPOSS-PDMS Coating

Dmitrii D Kartsev, Artur Y Prilepskii, Ilia M Lukyanov, Eduard G Sharapenkov, Anastasiia V Klaving, Aleksandr Goltaev, Alexey Mozharov, Liliia Dvoretckaia, Ivan Mukhin, Pavel A Levkin

Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2300156

153. Tough PEGgels by In Situ Phase Separation for 4D Printing

Z Wang, M Heck, W Yang, M Wilhelm, PA Levkin

Advanced Functional Materials, 2300947

152. Organogels versus Hydrogels: Advantages, Challenges, and Applications

Mariia A Kuzina, Dmitrii D Kartsev, Alexander V Stratonovich, Pavel A Levkin

Advanced Functional Materials, 2301421

151. Repurposing FDA-Approved Drugs for Temozolomide-resistant IDH1 Mutant Glioma using High-Throughput Miniaturized Screening on Droplet Microarray Chip

Haijun Cui, Xueyuan Sun, Marcel Schilling, Christel Herold-Mende, Markus Reischl, Pavel A. Levkin, Anna A. Popova, Şevin Turcan

Advanced Healthcare Materials, e2300591

150. Automated high-throughput image processing as part of the screening platform for personalized oncology

Marcel P Schilling, Razan El Khaled El Faraj, Joaquín Eduardo Urrutia Gómez, Steffen J Sonnentag, Fei Wang, Britta Nestler, Véronique Orian-Rousseau, Anna A Popova, Pavel A Levkin, Markus Reischl

Scientific Reports 13 (1), 5107

148. A colorfast and durable superamphiphobic coating based on organic-titanium fluoride nanoparticles and crystal violet lactone

Weiyi Liu, Jiajun Liu, Yan Liu, Fei Shen, Li Zhao, Zheqin Dong, Zhenwu Wang, Gang Yang, Pavel A Levkin, Yanzong Zhang

Applied Surface Science, 156366

147. Nanoliter Scale Parallel Liquid–Liquid Extraction for High‐Throughput Purification on a Droplet Microarray

Janne J Wiedmann, Yelda N Demirdögen, Stefan Schmidt, Mariia A Kuzina, Yanchen Wu, Fei Wang, Britta Nestler, Carsten Hopf, Pavel A Levkin

Small, 2204512

146. High‐throughput formation of miniaturized cocultures of 2D cell monolayers and 3D cell spheroids using droplet microarray

Haijun Cui, Tina Tronser, Xianxian Wang, Janine Wesslowski, Gary Davidson, Anna A Popova, Pavel A Levkin

Droplet, e39

145. Tough, Self-Healing, and Conductive Elastomer ─Ionic PEGgel

Zhenwu Wang, Yu-cheng Lai, Ya-tang Chiang, Johannes Martin Scheiger, Shuai Li, Zheqin Dong, Qianyu Cai, Sida Liu, Shan-hui Hsu, Chia-ching Chou, Pavel A Levkin

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (44), 50152-50162

144. Material-Independent 3D Patterning Via Two-Photon Lithography and Discontinuous Wetting

Zheqin Dong, Joël Monti, Haijun Cui, Alexander Welle, Surya A Singaraju, Eva Blasco, Pavel  A Levkin

Advanced Materials Technologies, 2201268

143. Further Dimensions for Sensing in Biofluids: Distinguishing Bioorganic Analytes by the Salt-Induced Adaptation of a Cucurbit [7] uril-Based Chemosensor

Changming Hu, Thomas Jochmann, Papri Chakraborty, Marco Neumaier, Pavel A Levkin, Manfred M Kappes, Frank Biedermann

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022, 144, 29, 13084–13095

142. Droplet Microarray as a Powerful Platform for Seeking New Antibiotics Against Multidrug‐Resistant Bacteria

Wenxi Lei, Anke Deckers, Charlotte Luchena, Anna Popova, Markus Reischl, Nicole Jung, Stefan Bräse, Thomas Schwartz, Ilga K Krimmelbein, Lutz F Tietze, Pavel A Levkin

Advanced Biology, 2022, 2200166

141. A Reactive Superhydrophobic Platform for Living Photolithography

Xinjian Xie, Xinghao Chen, Pavel A Levkin, Wenqian Feng

Advanced Materials, 2022, 2203619


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