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BZ-X800 Fluoreszenz Mikroskop, KEYENCE

Key 1

 Use: The Keyence BZ-800 is an advanced, user-friendly fluorecence microscope that provides automated focus, high-resolution imaging, live image display, customizable observation modes, automated scanning, stitching function, and easy operation. Objectives: 2x, 10x, 20x (short and long range), 40x (short and long range), 60x (oil immersion). Filters: GFP, mCherry, DAPI

Click here for more equipment information (B_BZ-800 Keyence)

Countess II Automated Cell Counter

 B cellcounter

Use: The Countess II Automated Cell Counter uses trypan blue staining and image analysis algorithm to obtain accurate cell and viability counts with a broad measurement range of 1 x 104 to 1 x 107 cells/mL, and can count particles as small as 4 µm.

Click here for more equipment information (B_cellcounter)

Centrifuge 5418R

B Centrifuge 5418 R

Use: The Centrifuge 5418 R is a compact, refrigerated centrifuge with an 18-place rotor capacity, a maximum speed of 16,873 x g, and a temperature range of 0°C to +40°C, designed for low to medium capacity molecular biology applications with energy-saving ECO shut-off feature.

Click here for more equipment information (B_Centrifuge 5418 R)


B gentleMACS

Use: The gentleMACS™ Dissociator is a semi-automated benchtop instrument that enables tissue dissociation or homogenization for single-cell suspensions or thorough homogenates with optimized gentleMACS Programs for various specific applications.

Click here for more equipment information (B_gentleMACS)

Certus Flex 1 (liquid dispenser)


Use: The contactless liquid dispenser has 3 independent channels with a 3 mL syringe reservoir, printing volumes between 50 nL – µL, and can dispense various solutions, including organic solvents.

Click here for more equipment information (B_Gyger Liquid Dispenser Bio)

Heraeus Labofuge 400 R Zentrifuge

B Heraeus Labofuge 400 R Zentrifuge

Use: This instrument is a centrifuge with two rotors, one for 96-well plates and the other for 50 ml and 15 ml tubes. It has a minimum speed of 300 min-1 and can reach up to 5000U/min. The temperature can be set between 0 and +40 °C.

Click here for more equipment information (B_Heraeus Labofuge 400 R Zentrifuge)

Dispendix I.DOT MINI

B iDot Mini

Use: The I.DOT MINI is a liquid dispenser that accurately dispenses small volumes of liquid with no cross-contamination. It can be used for printing droplet microarrays and is capable of detecting when the source liquid runs out.

Click here for more equipment information (B_iDot Mini)

I-IDot One


Use: The I.DOT One liquid handler from Dispendix offers precision and speed in transferring volumes as low as 8 nL. It enables reaction miniaturization, low dead volume, and efficient sample preparation for genomics and drug discovery workflows.

Click here for more equipment information (B_IDOT)

Leica DMi8

B Leica Microskope DMi8

Use: The Leica DMi8 is a versatile and advanced automated microscope that offers automated focus, z-stacking, live image capture, multi-channel fluorescence support, time-lapse capture, customizable grid scan, and integrated illumination modes.

Click here for more equipment information (B_Leica Microskope DMi8)

C1000 Touch PCR thermal cycler

B PCR C1000 Thermal Cycler

Use: The C1000 Touch thermal cycler is a modular PCR platform with easy programming and editing features, flexible throughput capabilities, and interchangeable reaction modules for various applications, including amplification/PCR and gene expression studies.

Click here for more equipment information (B_PCR C1000 Thermal Cycler)

SCIENION (non-contact dispensing system)


Use: SCIENION is an automated, non-contact dispensing system for ultra-low volumes using Piezo Dispense Capillaries, offering accurate and precise droplet deposition for microtiter plates, glass slides, and microfluidic structures.

Click here for more equipment information (B_SCIENION)

Anycubic Photon Ultra (DLP-based 3D printer)

C AnycubicPhotonUltra

Use: Anycubic Photon Ultra is a high-resolution desktop 3D printer that uses DLP technology and features a dual linear rail system for stable and consistent printing of small and intricate objects.

Click here for more equipment information (C_AnycubicPhotonUltra)

Atomstack (laser abraser)

C Atomstack description laser abraser

Use: Atomstack desktop laser engraving and cutting machine with 5W power, 40x40cm working area, and multiple operating modes for non-metallic materials. Safety features include built-in gyroscope and air cooling system.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Atomstack description (laser abraser))

Leica EM CPD300 (Critical Point Drying system)

C CPD300

Use: The Leica EM CPD300 is a critical point dryer that uses liquid carbon dioxide to preserve delicate and porous samples for electron microscopy analysis, with precise temperature and pressure control and safety features.

Click here for more equipment information (C_CPD300)

 Keyence VHX (Digitalmikroskop)

C Digitalmikroskop VHX

Use: The Keyence VHX 7000 is a high-performance digital microscope with advanced image processing capabilities, ideal for high-resolution imaging and measurement of a wide range of samples.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Digitalmikroskop VHX)

KRÜSS model DSA25S (Drop Shape Analyser)

C Drop Shape Analyzer

Use: The KRÜSS model DSA25S Drop Shape Analyzer measures contact angle, drop volumes, and surface energies of liquids on solid surfaces for research and development, quality control, and production monitoring in various industries.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Drop Shape Analyzer)

Certus Flex 2 (liquid dispenser)

C Gyger Liquid Dispenser

Use: The Fritz Gyger Certus-Flex is a contactless liquid dispenser with 8 independent channels and 3mL syringe reservoirs for dispensing volumes between 10 nL-µL. It can dispense water, aqueous solutions, buffers, and organic solvents, and comes with Certus Control PC software and protocols for standard well plates.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Gyger Liquid Dispenser)

Lumen X (Bioprinter)

C Lumen X bioprinter

Use: Lumen X bioprinter is a DLP-based 3D printer with a heating function for better cell viability, equipped with two printing platforms for better adhesion of different materials. It has a light source wavelength of 405 nm, XY resolution of 50 mm, and a Z resolution of 5 µm.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Lumen X bioprinter)

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS (Particle analysis)

C Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS

Use: The Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS is a three-in-one particle analytics device that measures particle size, charge, and molecular weight in solution using DLS, NIBS, SLS, ELS, and M3-PALS technologies. It offers a wide size and concentration range, high sensitivity, and stable signal for various sample types.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS)

Miicraft 110 Prime (DLP-based 3D printer)

3D printer 1

Use: Miicraft 110 Prime is a DLP-based 3D-printer that offers a large printing volume (110 x 62 x 120 mm) and high flexibility in adjusting printing parameters through the Miicraft Utility software. With compatibility with various photoinitiators and the ability to print from self-produced inks, this printer is an excellent addition to any research group's available instrumentation.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Miicraft 110 Prime)

Miicraft Plus 3D printer

C Miicraft Plus 3D printer

Use: Miicraft Plus 3D printer is a small and high precision desk-3D printer that utilizes UV LCD Stereolithography technology to produce highly detailed and accurate prints. With a build volume of 96mm x 54mm x 100mm, it can create small models with intricate details.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Miicraft Plus 3D printer)

42-220 Jetlight (Ozone Cleaner)

C Ozone Cleaner

Use: The UVO Cleaner is a photosensitized oxidation process using UV+O method for safe and effective removal of organic contaminants from various surfaces like silicon, metals, ceramics, etc., enabling further modification of surfaces in subsequent steps.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Ozone Cleaner)

Biotage V10 (Rapid Solvent Evaporation System)

C Rapid Solvent Evaporation System Biotage V10

Use: Biotage V-10 is a rapid solvent evaporation system used for drying samples dissolved in aqueous and organic solvents. It can evaporate high boiling point and volatile solvents from HPLC fractions and synthesis.

Click here for more equipment information (C_Rapid Solvent Evaporation System Biotage V10)


C UV LED Lamp Opsytec

Use: UV LED Lamp from Opsytec with 405 nm light source for UV curing and bonding, IC encapsulation, and sealing. LEDCONTROL S Opsytec Controller allows control of irradiation time and intensity.

Click here for more equipment information (C_UV LED Lamp Opsytec)



Use: The UVACUBE 2000 is a UV-curing chamber for adhesives, inks, coatings, and reactions. It provides uniform irradiation intensity with a 10% gradient throughout the volume and has a timing range of 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes.

Click here for more equipment information (C_UVACUBE 2000)

Spectroline™ ENF-280C (handheld UV Lamp)

C UV Chamber 365 nm 312 nm 254 nm

Use: Spectroline™ ENF-280C UV-Chamber with 365 nm, 312 nm, and 254 nm wavelengths can be used with Spectronics Corporation UV Viewing Cabinets or as handheld lamps. The lamps have an anodized aluminum housing, an aluminum reflector, and a UV-transmitting filter.

Click here for more equipment information (C_UV-Chamber 365 nm  312 nm 254 nm)

Lambda 35 UV-Vis Spectrometer

UV Vis

Use: The PerkinElmer Lambda 35 UV-Vis Spectrometer is a double-beam instrument used for analysis in the UV and Vis ranges. It includes pre-aligned lamps, single-cell holders, and UV WinLab software. It is suitable for use in research laboratories.

Click here for more equipment information (C_UV-Vis Spectrometer)

10 kN Shimadzu Precision Universal (Mechanical compression and tensile tester)

universal tester 2

Use: The 10 kN Shimadzu Precision Universal is a mechanical compression and tensile tester used to evaluate the tensile and compressive strength of materials. It can be used for a variety of applications including testing the strength of metals, plastics, composites, and more. The machine applies a controlled force to the specimen and measures its response to determine its strength properties. It is a valuable tool for research and development in material science, engineering, and manufacturing.



Sentech Instuments, SEN-pro  model
Use: measure thickness of films


 C SpinCoater1

 HPLC system


Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC system

 Rotary evaporator


 Clean bench



 Eight fumehoods





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